What I do

I have been practicing Kinesiology and Holistic Massage since 2004. I work closely with each client, drawing on my years of experience to identify and resolve any health issues, to realign balance and restore wellbeing. Every session responds to the individual needs at that time and a consistently positive and friendly approach aims to put my clients at total ease.

The first appointment is an opportunity for you to talk and for me to listen. From this I can identify what your body needs and recommend a programme suited specifically to you. The key to resolving your health issue is to look beyond the symptoms and establish the root cause. Be patient! Health issues often build up over time and a realistic lifestyle change is often necessary to achieve and maintain long term results.

A realistic approach

There is no set formula as everyone is different and the body’s response is changeable dependent on the lifestyle at the time. You may need an intensive course of appointments for a specific health issue or regular sessions over a period of time for general life balance. Techniques during each session may include lymphatic massage, acupressure holding points, gentle structural realignment or light and firm reflex massage. I will help you to stay on track by suggesting an achievable change in diet, targeted supplements and relaxation techniques to practise at home. The combination of my expertise and your commitment will bring you back to health, naturally.

Achieving a life balance and long term health for you is my absolute passion. I won’t be telling you to cut out every food you really enjoy as this is an unrealistic approach to modern life. The primary aim is for us to work together and achieve overall wellbeing through an individually tailored programme.

My path to practice

After a career working in the city as a busy PA, pre-computers I hasten to add, it was time for a change when I started a family. I wanted to find a rewarding job that would fit around my new lifestyle so I retrained as a Montessori teacher, and practiced in this profession for seven years. I then moved from London to Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire and whilst teaching I developed an interest in holistic therapies and furthered my training in this field. I continued to work with children, but as a Brain Gym Consultant. As I learnt new skills and techniques I discovered a passion for Kinesiology which was part of the course and I eventually began working with adults as well. I also learnt Holistic Massage and soon realised that I could combine the two therapies for a completely unique treatment that offers outstanding results.

I regularly attend course seminars and workshops to stay ahead of the increasingly advanced developments within the industry. As new techniques are discovered I continue to learn more about the science behind healthy eating and how to achieve individual long term health with just a few lifestyle adjustments.


I hold the following qualifications:

  • A diploma in Systematic Kinesiology registered under the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK), practising at the very highest level.
  • Certified Instructor for Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course
  • ITEC Holistic Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage Certificate
  • ITEC Anatomy & Physiology
  • Certificate of Nutrition.