Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Massage?

Through years of experience I have developed a unique holistic remedial massage treatment that incorporates kinesiology techniques including lymphatic massage, acupressure holding points and nutritional advice. The results? An individual treatment tailored specifically to your needs with powerful lasting results.  Over the years I have honed my massage techniques and specialise in releasing pain, whether it’s knee pain, neck pain or back pain.  I often massage areas that are away from the pain site to release the pain. 

Remedial massage is a natural therapy that treats you as a whole, far beyond your symptoms at the time. This treatment will not only leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, it will target your aches and pains right from the root cause, giving you long term health and happiness.

You may need relief from a sports injury, a niggling pain or tension, and holding acupressure points will target the cause to gently ease these areas of discomfort. I will also incorporate lymphatic massage where appropriate as this a fantastic way to target a specific area. I will also give you nutritional advice where necessary and adapt the treatment to suit your needs at the time.

Is it right for me?

Massage can help reduce muscle tension whilst increasing the range of movement. It targets specific areas including:

  • Tight neck muscles and shoulder pain
  • Lower back, sciatic and hip pain
  • Sporting aches and pains including tight hamstrings, IT band, knee and ankle tension
  • Stress relief

What should I expect from each session?

Remedial massage is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy and stress-free life. Although you will benefit from the relaxation and enjoyment of a single massage, you really will notice the long term effects of regular treatments.

We will discuss your health concerns in the initial consultation enabling me to tailor the massage specifically to your needs. If you decide to return for further treatments it will take just a few minutes to recap and continue on a course that will give you long term benefits.


One session – £65 (1 hour)

Massage bundle – 6 massages –  £340 (£50 saving)
If you are looking for a long term solution, to release the tension and ease those aching muscles that have built up over time, a course of 6 massages will most definitely do the trick.  Sometimes one just isn’t enough!


Oh how I’ve missed you!

“ Have just got home after my first appointment back with Kath after lockdown………Oh how I’ve missed her!! Even after a four month break in appointments due to Cover-19 my body instantly feels the benefit. I’m relaxed, recharged and freed of all my little aches, pains and niggles. On arriving at the clinic, I was immediately put at ease with Kath meeting me at the back door, (and yes I could feel the smile even through the mask) leading me through the building, hand sanitising and covering every hygiene measure during the appointment. Very reassuring to see all of these measures put in place in and around the building. I can not recommend Kath enough, her professionalism and knowledge is second to none, treating each client individually regarding their specific needs. Not only do I have 100% trust and confidence in her, I also enjoy our friendship too which has developed over the years. Thank you Kath for always making my body feel so much better.”  – Lisa Philpott, Berkhamsted.  July 2020

I have felt completely at ease

“I was stressed and anxious and carrying all of this in my shoulders.  Kath takes a holistic approach to my wellbeing and is a very warm and welcoming lady.  I have felt completely at ease and put my trust in her hands – literally!”
Emma Williams, Berkhamsted

My back is now pain free

“When I first visited Kath I was looking for therapeutic massage to relieve lower back pain and stiffness in my neck, both longstanding problems originating from trauma.   My back is now pain free and the neck stiffness is intermittent.  One of the many things that I appreciate about Kath’s approach to therapy is that I can visit whenever problems occur, and she has never pressured me to return or have a course of treatments, that has always been my choice.  I have also found her Kinesiology knowledge and skills invaluable to improving my wellbeing, and her friendly but professional manner never falters.”
Di Stevens, Hemel Hempstead

The mobility in my shoulder has improved so much

I initially booked to see Kath as I had a stiff neck, but I then fell and broke my shoulder.  I have been so grateful for her help through massage and Kinesiology, I truly believe that it is down to Kath’s help that the mobility in my shoulder has improved so much. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kath.”
Caroline K, Tring

A great combination of knowledge with effective treatment

I had a deep bone bruise in my knee that made it very difficult to walk and then created issues with my hip and shoulder.  Kath has always delivered a great combination of knowledge with effective treatment and a kind and humorous approach, which made my sessions enjoyable even when I was in quite a lot of pain.   My knee healed quickly and any associated ailments have benefited noticeably from my treatment sessions.”
Emma Pemberton, Berkhamsted

Tailored just for me

“As a lady decorator my body takes more than the average day’s strain, particularly around my neck and shoulders. At the end of a hard day’s work there is nothing I enjoy more than a good massage, I have had a few in my time. More often than not I come away feeling disappointed and frankly unrelaxed and unsoothed.   However, fortunately I have been recommended to Kath and along with my aching limbs, booked myself a full body massage. My experience was very pleasant from start to finish. She has a gentle manner but with good strong hands with kneaded all my aches away. My neck and shoulders were much improved but also other parts of my body were helped too.  I felt unrushed and totally relaxed with the reassurance that my time was, MY TIME and not anyone else’s. Tailored just for me.”
Emma Hall, Aylesbury

A truly professional and effective practitioner

“I went to see Kath last week for a massage. I was very impressed from the outset by her investigation of my general wellbeing and the application of Kinesiology to wellness.  I mentioned that I was developing RSI due to computer work and Kath got to work on a point under my arm explaining that this point was connected to the area of pain in my hand.  I could feel the pain and tightness ease instantly and my hand has felt generally much better since.  So much so that I booked in for maintenance massage two weeks hence.  My neck and shoulders, which for me have been a historic area of stress and tightness, have also felt much more fluid since.  I can thoroughly recommend Kath as a truly professional and effective practitioner.”
Christian Schwetz, Chesham

“I had been suffering more and more with lower back and knee pain.  Kath put me at ease as soon as we met and after just three sessions of intense massage I am already feeling the benefits.  I have previously visited an osteopath and sports massage therapist, but I can honestly say that Kath has worked wonders – my back pain has greatly reduced and my knee pain is almost non-existent.  Kath is very professional and knowledgeable and in tune with how the body works and responds.  I would be delighted to recommend her to friends and colleagues in the full knowledge they will be looked after.  I am confident that they would benefit from her skills.”
Jude Johnson, Hemel Hempstead