Kinesiology Training – Balanced Health

Systematic Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies. The Balanced Health Foundation course is fully certificated, authenticated and approved by The Association of Systematic Kinesiology. It is run over 6 months (6 weekends). Fantastic for everyone – whether qualified in an holistic modality already or not.

To find out more, click here for to go to our training website for more details.

Dates for our Balanced Health Kinesiology Foundation course are as follows. Please click on the link above to find out when our next taster sessions are.  These are good to attend to find out more about our course.

October 2019 – March 2020

  • Balanced Health 1: Saturday 10th October & Sunday 11th October 2020
  • Balanced Health 2: Saturday 14th November & Sunday 15th November 2020
  • Balanced Health 3: Saturday 12th December and & Sunday 13th December 2020
  • Balanced Health 4: Saturday 9th January & Sunday 10th January 2021
  • Balanced Health 5: Saturday 6th February & Sunday 8th February 2021
  • Balanced Health 6: Saturday 13th March & Sunday 14th March 2021

Venue:  Carmenta Life,  Chesham House (Ground floor), Church Lane, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2AX

Timings: 9.30am to 5.30pm. We request that you aim to arrive 15 minutes early on Saturdays for registration.

Cost to enrol and payments

The full price for the Foundation Course is £1295.
Payable via monthly advanced payments.

To enrol in the Foundation Course you need to:
Pay a deposit of £395.
Payments of £150 to be paid monthly on 1st of each month (6 payments), beginning 1st October 2020 and paid by standing order.
Total amount £1295

Booking deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Once enrolled we cannot return the booking deposit for any reason other than cancellation of the course by ourselves. 

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