What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a safe and natural therapy that uses gentle muscle testing to recognise and repair any imbalances within your body that may be causing discomfort. It realigns your whole system through self-healing restoring a well-balanced and pain-free you! Techniques include nutritional supplements, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, light and firm reflex massage, relaxation and suggested lifestyle changes.

The muscle test gives me access to your entire system so that I can establish the root cause of your aches, pains or discomfort which may relate to a number of issues including stress, anxiety, injury or nutrition. By gently pressing against certain muscles, I can identify any areas of imbalance as the muscle will either hold its position or move. The change in response as I test each muscle provides me with direct information on where your body needs some additional support. Your body will tell me what it needs so that we can work together to achieve your ultimate health goal.

Is it right for me?

Kinesiology can treat a wide range of discomforts including:

  • Allergies and food sensitivities
  • Digestive problems
  • Frequent infections and immune problems
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Hormonal issues
  • Joint pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Learning difficulties

What should I expect from each session?

The initial consultation will take approximately two hours. We will begin by talking through your symptoms, your lifestyle and any background information that will give me a real understanding of your health concerns. I will then spend some time muscle testing to identify the root cause of these issues within your system. This initial session will enable me to devise a personalised programme for you, with some suggested lifestyle changes and hourly follow up appointments to track your progress.

Although you will see results from the very first appointment, there is no quick fix, so the number of subsequent sessions will be dependent on your needs. Health issues often build up over time so it may take time to treat the cause once it has been identified. We will work together to establish a realistic lifestyle change that will dramatically improve the way you feel each and every day.


Initial consultation – £100 (2 hours)
Subsequent sessions – £70 (1 hour)

Kick-start programme – £195 (3 x 1 hour sessions), excluding initial consultation

  • Would you like to have more energy and wonder where your get up and go got up and went?
  • Are you suffering from digestive issues?
  • Are you ready for a lifestyle change that could dramatically improve the way you feel each day?

If you think that your overall health and wellbeing is below par, and you are open to try natural therapy, this course could be for you. You may not necessarily feel unwell but you just don’t feel on top form. Perhaps you have visited your GP only to be told there is nothing wrong with you. It’s time to kick-start your way to a healthier and happier you!*

*Please note that the Kick-start programme should get you onto a healthy path, but further sessions may be necessary for more deep rooted health issues.

‘All about Me’ programme – £60 per month for 1 hour for a minimum of 6 months.  Not available at the moment. 

  • Have you been suffering from ill health for a while and don’t know where to turn?
  • Do you wake up in the morning after a bad night’s sleep longing for more energy?
  • Are you ready to listen to your body and take action?

This is my most popular programme.  You may have been battling with health issues for years and simply don’t know where to turn. You have tried everything, including endless courses of medication, with little or no improvement.  Your search is over; together we will get to the root cause of your health issues to gradually bring you back to health, naturally. Turning your health around can take time and commitment, hence the minimum of six months.  This is all about what you want from the session.  It may be kinesiology, a Chakra balance or one of my massages.  Sometimes it may be – let’s see where we go.

Support with your supplements

Find my supplement – £40 (30 minutes)
Are you taking general health supplements such as Multi Vitamins or Minerals? Can you really see or feel any difference in your health? This session will help you discover a specific vitamin or supplement that could support a system within your body that is struggling.


Shoulder Testimonial

“Recently my right shoulder seized up completely on the Tuesday, I lost all mobility and the pain was horrific – up there with a broken ankle and child birth, I know because I’ve had both!  The doctor refused to give me anything stronger than codeine and paracetamol which did very little for the pain. I saw the NHS physio on Friday morning who gave me a few exercises to try, referred me for X-rays and put in a request for stronger meds till I saw him again in 2 weeks.   At that point, 
I felt so fearful and couldn’t even wash myself let alone anything else, I literally lay in bed crying and praying for help. 
I’d already had a date in the diary with Kath that Friday after the physio and arrived in a heap of tears and pain – I’d been praying for a miracle and Kath certainly was it! Not only was she very empathetic but her treatment had me leaving an hour later with a smile on my face, 80% less pain and my shoulders back and way more relaxed and with more mobility.  She have me a bottle of what I called a magic potion to take hourly that day and honestly, by the evening I was pain free and able to move my arm a bit.  The remedy included an anti inflammatory and something to help life my mood too. By the next morning I could move it even more and a week later it was back to normal. I could not even move it a centimetre from my side a week before! 
It transpires that this was directly linked to toxicity in my gut as well as trauma and grief stuck in my body based on recent events. I honestly couldn’t have believed that one session with anyone would transform me like that but it did.  Long story short, don’t ever suffer – call Kath the Kinesiologist! – R Fennell, Berkhamsted

Different times, good outcome

“I had an excellent session with Kath.  I was a bit apprehensive given the strange times we are in but she made me feel totally at ease.  Not only was I sent information in advance to explain what to expect, I was greeted at the door by a smiling Kath in her protective gear!  On the way in there was sanitiser and her treatment room was spotless.  I wore a mask so felt safe and confident.  Kath was meticulous with her work as usual, and adapted things to minimise contact.  I came away happy and relaxed and confident that both of us were protected.  Would highly recommend.”  – Catt Whelan, Berkhamsted

Getting to the root problem

“I have been seeing Kath for two years now and it’s been a pleasure having her look after me. Initially it was due to fatigue I’d been experiencing after long hours in the office. Within three weeks things got a lot better and my life has been considerably better ever since. I don’t think Kath realises just how important this has been on my life; life got good again, it restarted. I greatly appreciate her skills in getting to the root problem. Kath has also since treated my family too; my daughter for a muscle problem, and my son for a wheat intolerance. The trust we have built up is all-important. I’m happy to recommend her to anyone and everyone.”
Daniel Forsyth, Author of The Mercury Diaries

Kath taught me to help myself

“I came to Kath with a host of baggage from childhood. I had trouble controlling my emotions, guilt of saying no to others, allowing happiness in my life and believing in myself. Kath was incredibly supportive, patient and skilled in Kinesiology to help me release and let go of all that was holding me back. I was able to implement the different techniques Kath taught me to help myself on a daily basis, as well as going regularly for Kinesiology treatments. I now believe in myself, so my self-esteem and confidence has grown and this has meant that I have been able to make changes in my life that are right for me and my family. My teenage daughter also had Kinesiology treatments with Kath and the difference in her is wonderful.”
Anna B, Dunstable

Informative, relaxing and rich

“When I first met Kath at a Kinesiology taster session that she was giving, I was really impressed with how she worked and very interested to find out more. I booked to see her as I was feeling tired all the time, generally run down and I was also having digestive problems. At the beginning of each session Kath gives you time to explain how you are feeling and what health issue or concern you want to focus on. As you lay on the couch she uses various painless muscle testing techniques to check in with your body and ‘ask’ it where you may be out of balance. I really like this holistic approach as it doesn’t just focus on your problem in isolation, but supports your system as a whole. Kath has recommended supplements, natural remedies and exercises that have really helped me, and also identified foods and products to avoid. I find Kath’s treatments informative, relaxing and rich in what they can offer you and I highly recommend her work. I have also enjoyed Kath’s talks and demonstrations on specific health concerns and have learned a lot from these.”
Helen Turner, Dunstable

In ‘safe hands’

“I was often feeling tired, bloated and flatulent. It was great to get an insight into what might be responsible for my symptoms, as well as the right advice and products/supplements to resolve it. Kath is very knowledgeable about her subject and one feels in ‘safe hands’.”
J Cannock, Kings Langley

The fog has lifted from my mind

“I came to Kath with a sore elbow and looking to improve my energy levels. I discovered a wealth of nutritional knowledge, a friendly listening ear and tips on handling life’s challenges, on top of relieving aches and pains and releasing buried emotional issues. After a session I often feel invigorated and feel the fog has lifted from my mind, as well as certain aches having miraculous eased or disappeared.”
Romi Carr, High Wycombe

A patient and calm approach

“I had suffered from painful neck problems, poor energy levels and a low immune system as I was experiencing several flus and colds every few months, resulting on occasions in chest infections. My work load at the time was high and I was under a lot of stress which did not help with my sleeping. Our initial visits involved much fact finding, Kath listened well and I felt that she gained a good understanding of my health. She is very thorough in her investigations and did not leave anything out. Kath’s patience and calm approach to identify solutions were much appreciated. I feel my health is back to a good level which has changed my whole outlook. I no longer suffer from neck pain.”
Avril Jenkins, St Albans

Sound and trustworthy advice

“Having had an extensive period of taking antibiotics my digestive system was not in good shape. With little success in over-the-counter remedies I was recommended to Kath for help. I have made two visits and on both occasions Kath has provided sound and trustworthy advice on the reasons for my condition and the alternatives, both in terms of correct diet and supplements to ease the symptoms. Kath has a sympathetic and understanding approach and is always reassuring which makes you feel at ease. She always answers your questions thoroughly. My digestive system is now back on track, a situation I didn’t believe possible before my consultation with Kath. I am very grateful for the help she has given me.”
John Gill, Cheltenham

I can really see light

“I couldn’t carry on ignoring my food intolerances and digestion upsets as it was impacting my work and practice as a yoga teacher. Kath is wonderfully supportive, patient and thorough so you understand what you need to do to create the changes in your lifestyle. She is also realistic which is important so you don’t feel guilt and can navigate problematic situations. After three sessions I can really see light at the end of a five year plus struggle with my digestion problems. The whole family is also under her guidance which is wonderful, that we all learn about our idiosyncrasies and support each other in our food choices.”
Debs Jenkins, Hemel Hempstead

Extremely helpful and very supportive

“I was keen to try Kinesiology to identify which nutrients were lacking in my body as I suffer with Osteoporosis. I have found Kath extremely helpful and very supportive. Although I have been taking alternative remedies for my bones the one amazing improvement has been that I don’t seem to get the sensitivity in my back when sitting on dining room chairs, (which can be inhibiting when you are in restaurants etc.). The sensitivity which I had suffered with for a number of years has completely vanished.”
Annette Gill, Cheltenham

To anyone who needs fixing

“I went to see Kath (slightly sceptical of this somewhat mystical thing called Kinesiology) about a problem I was having with tight muscles after running. Despite diligently stretching after each run this tightness could last for days and made it very difficult to keep to regular exercise. After an interesting and educational session, Kath prescribed a remedy which seems to have quickly and completely solved the problem. So I would fully recommend Kath’s insightful knowledge and application of the science of Kinesiology and have to report that it really does work. Her detox product is also a wondrous thing and seriously restores your energy Levels.”
Martin Gladdish, Hemel Hempstead

I wish I had met Kath sooner

For about twelve years I have been unable to lift my right arm above shoulder height without rotating it in a strange way. It has also caused me pain at night disturbing my sleep, especially if I had been exercising a lot or doing DIY. I had spoken to my GP about the problem who suggested cortisone injections into the shoulder which he said may work, or could make the problem worse if he got the wrong place. I declined the offer preferring to live with the problem until I spoke to Kath. She explained that Kinesiology could help and she immediately made me feel very welcome and relaxed. By the end of the session I was able to lift my arm with ease. That was four months ago, since then I have been taking the vitamin supplement that Kath recommended and my shoulder is still flexible and pain free. My only regret is that I lived with the problem for that long and I wish I had met Kath sooner.”
Melanie Gibbon-Walsh, Kings Langley

My work skill level has dramatically improved

I went to Kath to see if she could help me tackle the issue I was having with stress through working long hours at a challenging job. Kath was very quick to get to the root of my stresses and how I should go about tackling them. Ever since, my everyday stress levels have been dramatically decreased to a point where I feel relaxed and content at all times. Through this result, my work skill level has dramatically improved and I feel like I have regained my passion for what I do. I would highly recommend Kath for her people skills; she genuinely comes across as someone who cares for her clients.”
Ben Dilkes, Little Gaddesden

Lucky to have Kath at the helm

“As a sufferer of scoliosis, I had an operation to rectify some of the curvature but it was impossible to make me straight again. After the birth of my son Kath set to work on me, after discussing my overall wellbeing, nutritional and physical state her evaluation was spot on. My son is a big boy and very heavy and I truly believe that her work thus far on my skeleton is helping me with the manual labour of being a mum and the strain it puts on your spine. My pain is currently minimal and I think could even become a thing of the past if I keep seeing Kath. The most significant improvement is in my posture. I know I am still far from perfect, but the muscle work Kath has carried out on my shoulders has enabled me to feel comfortable and relaxed in pulling them back and down. I look forward to my sessions as I know I will leave feeling balanced, relaxed and calm. Kinesiology is a great therapy and I’m lucky to have Kath at the helm.”
Maria Carillo, Hemel Hempstead


“In part, as a result of a sedentary office based job where I’m hunched over a computer, I am prone to aches and pains at the top of my back. Over the past few months, these aches have become a more frequent occurrence and I was desperate to find a solution. Kath certainly delivered for me! During a Kinesiology session, Kath tested various muscles to identify the site of the problem and rebalanced my body. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the testing process, but it was certainly not at all onerous, nor did it require any major physical effort. At a subsequent massage session, Kath again focussed on these muscle areas while I relaxed and the result was fabulous. My aches were significantly eased by the initial Kinesiology session and the massage seemed to clear the last vestiges of tightness. Since seeing Kath I have had no problem at all with my upper back, and would strongly recommend anyone with muscular niggles to go and see her, and let her work her ‘Kinesiological’ magic. Thank you Kath!”
Liz Baranov, Dunstable

A great relaxer

I have recently used the services of Kath for a Kinesiology session and then with a follow-up massage session. I did not realise how much I had benefitted from these treatments until the other day I noticed that I was able to reverse looking over my shoulder with no effort, as opposed to having to turn my whole body to look behind me. I would definitely recommend Kath’s massage for tight, knotty muscles and it’s a great relaxer. I have already booked another massage in for February.”
Tim Dyer, Chorleywood

Kath really is an expert in pain relief

“My job is incredibly physical and as a result of four years of working and training dogs, particularly ones that pull on the lead, my back has suffered. Over the past four years I have visited various individuals including chiropractors and osteopaths at vast expense, yet seeing little improvement. However, having met with Kinesiology and massage expert, Kath at the beginning of the year, I decided to see if she could help me with my sleepless nights caused by intense lower back pain. Within my first session, Kath had identified the particular muscles causing the lower back pain and with a combination of three sessions and wearing a magnet to give pain relief, my four year back problem had all but disappeared. Kath really is an expert in pain relief.”
Hanne Grice, Tring