A calmer countdown to Christmas

So the Christmas countdown has begun!  The smaller members of our family are bursting with joy and excitement, but as grown-ups, we’re wondering how on earth we will get everything done.  The school holidays are approaching, there are presents to buy and we have the biggest meal of the year to prepare for, not to mention work deadlines.  Do you feel like your head is spinning?  Well don’t panic, here are some tips to keep you calmer during the build-up to the big day.

Firstly, you’re going to thank your lucky stars, as in my household we celebrate Christmas twice!  We have Christmas Day with all that it entails, and then we do it all over again on Boxing day.  ‘Is she mad?’ I hear you ask.  Let’s say it’s more of a complicated family arrangement.  We spend Christmas Day with my partner, Simon’s kids and then Boxing Day with the rest of Simon’s family, plus his kids, my son and his girlfriend.   A tradition has developed over the past 16 years and we cook a roast ham in the Weber barrbeque.  ‘Yes, she is mad.’ I now hear you say!  It’s all down to my African roots and I assure you the flavour is incredible.  So, however you spend your Christmas, the trick is to embrace it and make it fun.

Be organised

The key to productivity is organisation.   Make a list of everything that needs to be done and set aside some time for each task.  I’m not a great example as I leave the Christmas cards and present shopping to the last minute, but I’ve made a promise to take control this year.   If I can do it, so can you!

Focus your mind

A great way to calm your nerves and ease stress is to practise a technique called Emotional Stress Release (ESR).  Simply run your hands along your forehead and you’ll find a bump on either side about an inch above your eyebrows.  Hold them lightly, either with two fingers from each hand or by holding one hand across them both, and after a few moments you will start to feel a sense of calm.   This technique puts a ‘logical spin’ on your mindset to help you think more clearly and declutter your muddled mind.  Do this whenever you feel overwhelmed about what lies ahead and you will be able to deal with it more rationally and effectively.   Of course the problems don’t disappear, but your brain will process your reactions more calmly and collectively.

Love your liver

Alright, alright, we know that drinking too much alcohol isn’t good for us, but it is the party season after all.  Just take some precautionary measures and look after your liver; your body will thank you for it.  Make yourself a smoothie or juice that contains raw beetroot, as this effectively fights liver toxins to increase your overall health.  It’s extremely important to keep hydrated too, so drink plenty of water; add a squeeze of lemon to hot water first thing in the morning to help flush out those toxins.

Be kind to your tummy

As much as we all love the indulgent food that comes with Christmas, we’re not so keen on the indigestion that often follows.  You may remember me talking about enzymes which are essential for your digestion.  Indigestion is surprisingly caused by a lack of stomach acid, as opposed to too much.  Supplement your meals with food enzymes or zinc and this will ease any problems.   If you don’t fancy taking a supplement, eat some fresh pineapple which is rich in the bromelain, an enzyme derived from bee pollen.

Look after your body and the rest will follow.  Join me on my quest to take control this Christmas and don’t let the build-up get you down.

Kath’s tips for a calmer countdown to Christmas

  • Get organised. Make a list and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement as you tick off those tasks.
  • Look after your liver! Drink plenty of fresh smoothies and add some beetroot.Start the day with hot water and lemon and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Milk thistle is also a great supplement to support the liver.
  • Try the Emotional Stress Release technique, it really does work
  • Ease your digestion and chew your food well before swallowing.Take a digestive enzyme to ease the after effects of rich meals, or add fresh pineapple into your diet.
  • If your gut is really causing you problems, it can have a detrimental effect on your overall health; book in to see me and I’ll get to the root cause of your health issue.