Combat the common cold

Combat the common cold
It’s that time of year; if you’re not coughing or sneezing, someone close by certainly is.  If you seem to pick up every cold in sight, take a look at your stress levels.  Stress puts immense pressure on the immune system, so if you’re overdoing it, your body will struggle to cope.  But this might be easier said than done, as the countdown to Christmas begins.  Here are some tried and tested tools to give you a helping hand.

I was recently asked by a client if I suffer from colds.  The truth is (and I’m touching wood), that I’ve managed to stay clear since I started at the clinic in 2013.  I lost my father in 2012, and my stress levels went through the roof; this was the last time.  I feel early symptoms when my stress levels rise and always follow the same routine.  The key is to catch it early before it takes control.

Check in with your body
It’s really important to take extra care at this time of year.  Are you spending too much time in the red zone (where you’re always on the go), without some downtime in the green zone (to rest, digest and repair)?  Take action now, and factor in some time to switch off.

Regular exercise is crucial, as it keeps your lymphatic system (part of the immune system) working efficiently.  I regularly exercise throughout the year; this is non-negotiable.  It’s important to find something you enjoy that fits in with your lifestyle.  Whether it’s running, cycling, yoga, gym sessions, walking or a combination, just get moving!

Colloidal silver spray 
Due to its antimicrobial properties (preventing the spread of bacteria), colloidal silver is a traditional remedy that has been used for centuries to naturally preserve food and drink.  Before antibiotics, it was also used to treat a wide variety of infections and skin conditions.

I’ve been using colloidal silver for years, and it always does the trick.  You will need to get a little spray bottle to decant it into. As soon as I feel a hint of soreness, I immediately spray the back of my throat.  One spray should be enough, otherwise repeat every half an hour until it eases.  It’s vital to do this early, before it takes control.  Don’t wait until your throat feels like it’s on fire.  It’s also very effective when those shivery sneezes start; just remember to catch it early.

I’ve recently started using liquid zinc as another form of defence, as it’s essential for the immune system.   Again, it’s important to do this as soon as you feel the symptoms; fill the pipette and squeeze the full amount to the back of your throat.  Please don’t be put off by its taste – it can taste ok or it can taste vile! Try to gargle for a minute so it coats your throat and gives the bug a good zapping!  If necessary, do this every three hours until the soreness eases.  Most of us could benefit from increasing our zinc intake throughout the year; the best sources are oysters and pumpkin seeds.

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Vitamin C
Increasing your vitamin C intake to 4-10g a day is also very beneficial.  You’ll know when you’ve reached your tolerance level, as your bowel movements will be looser than usual. I take the recommended dose of Cherry C from Cytoplan.   Switching between zinc and Colloidal silver spray works for me, so I have no need to increase my intake.  It’s all about discovering what works for you.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 helps maintain a healthy immune system.  Our skin produces it through sun exposure when the sun is at its highest.  In the UK, this is between April and September, so unless you’re off on a winter holiday, you might need to top up your levels.  Dietary sources include butter, eggs, oily fish and any fortified foods (check the labels).  But these only provide modest amounts, so I would recommend supplementing with Vitamin D3 at this time of year.

If you’re struggling, book an appointment to see me.   I can shift a cold or cough quite rapidly with kinesiology, by supporting and strengthening the lung meridian and immune system.  I can also identify which zinc and vitamin C supplements suit you; I have four varieties of liquid zinc and eight types of vitamin C!  We all respond differently, and establishing the right supplement for you could make a big difference to your immune system this winter.