Extend your Summer Glow

What an amazing summer we’ve had! Aside from the cooler days during August, it was such a treat to spend so many warm evenings outside without a jumper. The glorious sunshine continues, but I can certainly feel autumn in the air.

If you have children, the new school term can bring a mix of emotions. You may experience a sense of relief with the return of your usual routine combined with the dread of getting everyone out of the house on time each day. If you’ve just returned to work after your summer holiday, it can take time to adjust to the early starts and long days. However this season is starting for you, September is a great time to set some positive goals and keep the momentum going after the summer break.

This isn’t a typical start to autumn for me. A change in season has brought change at home with phase one of our house renovations well underway. The preparation work for our extension was a little more challenging than we had hoped, so we must now pull in the purse strings and plan ahead for phase two! I feel ready for the next set of challenges, and here are some tips on maintaining your motivation this season.

Kath’s tips on extending your summer glow

Get plenty of sleep

Your body was designed to align with the natural rhythm of light. As the hours of daylight begin to decrease, it’s important to set a good bedtime routine for you and your family. A good night’s sleep will enable the brain to function better during the working/school day. Try to turn screens off at least one hour before bedtime; this will help the mind wind down and prepare for sleep. A warm bath with Epsom salts, followed by a little reading, will also help. Some of us drift off to sleep more easily than others, but it’s important to find a routine that suits you all individually. Check this guide on recommended sleep times.

Start your day well

It’s not easy readjusting to the busy routine, particularly if you have the morning school run to contend with. If you start the day feeling stressed, this is likely to continue throughout the day.

  • Get organised and prepare as much as you can the night before; this will help clear your mind ready for the next day.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, as rushing around will only increase everyone’s stress levels. Try to get up 15-20 minutes earlier to help you feel calm and in control. Remember that children don’t have the sense of time we do and need to be guided. You may have early birds, night owls, or a combination; understanding their habits will help you set a routine for them. If your child needs more time to wake up, build that into their routine.
  • Try to ignore any whining or arguing; reacting will only fuel it! You may be screaming on the inside, but try to keep smiling on the outside.
  • If possible, encourage screen-free time. You could save this as a treat for being ready on time.
  • Increase your energy levels and have some fun by taking a minute to do some cross-crawl exercises together: (link to September 2016 newsletter here)
  • Music can really help with morning motivation. Make a playlist together to help lift the mood.

Top up your vitamin D

The continuous sunshine has certainly provided plenty of vitamin D this summer, but you may have found it too hot to enjoy. I recommend topping up your supplies with a vitamin D3 supplement once the clocks go back in October.

Keep drinking water

You may have been drinking more water than usual to cool down from the heat this summer, so try and keep up the good work. If you start to feel a little tired, drink a couple of glasses to perk you up.