Headache Relief Tip

The festive season is upon us and can be great fun with lots of parties, food and drinks. It’s also a time of frantic organising, rather stressful at times and you may need to relieve that tension headache. If it’s a headache from over-indulging, I recommend Milk Thistle which supports the liver.

My technique for headaches which some of you may think is a bit unusual. Before reaching for the paracetamol try doing this first – it may work for you. If you stand up with your hands by your side, where your longest finger reaches is the spot/point you need to massage. A warning – both points may be tender, or one side will be more painful than the other. Massage for a count of seven (I don’t know why seven!) and then leave for a count of seven. Focus on that tender spot until it eases. Your headache will not disappear by magic, but in a short space of time you may notice that it’s gone or reduced in intensity. Give it a go.