New Year New You

The start of a new year can bring a mix of emotions; a time to reflect on the one that has passed and look forward to what’s in store for the twelve months ahead. There is usually one resolution that appears near the top of the list which involves eating and living a little more healthily… well for January at least.

So I’m not going to give you the usual New Year detox advice you might expect, I’m going to help you make some realistic changes to your lifestyle that will last throughout the year. Isn’t it better to have a long term solution to your health and wellbeing rather than a quick fix?

To successfully move forward it’s important to start by looking back. What happened to 2015, did it whizz by in a flash giving you little time to think about looking after yourself? You may feel that those aches and pains have been creeping up on you and you haven’t had a chance to look at what might be causing them. You might have spent a bit too much time racing around in the Red Zone and not allowing enough time to relax in the Green Zone. Wouldn’t it be great to reflect this time next year, knowing that you managed to get your balance back, you feel healthy, you’re full of energy and in control of your life? Now there’s a thought…

Back to your roots

Let’s take it a step at a time, starting with the all-important digestive system, because if this is struggling it will have a huge impact on your overall health. The effects may not be immediate; you might notice a dip in your energy levels, you’re catching more colds than usual or you’re experiencing some unwelcome aches and pains. Looking at your diet is the first step in getting your digestive system back on track; treating the root cause of the problem is the answer to long term health, as opposed to a quick fix that simply looks at the here and now.

So how do you know if you’re suffering from digestive issues, as they may not always be obvious? If you’re regularly craving carbohydrates or something sweet, this could be a sign that the microbiome (the good bacteria in your gut) is overwhelmed by unfriendly bacteria, toxins or fungus, which upsets the balance. This can be resolved by a making a few changes to your diet. Try eating a more paleo-type diet for three weeks which means adjusting your meals to 80% vegetables and 20% protein on your plate. You’ll be amazed at the results and your body will thank you for it.

Think positive

Are you feeling low, lacking motivation or just down in the dumps? It could be time to change your outlook on life. Try the Five Minute Gratitude Journal either in the form of a book or by downloading the app. All you need to do is spend five minutes a day focussing on the positive aspects in your life such as the things you are thankful for, the people you care about and what makes you happy, all of which you may take for granted. Think positive and you will act positive.

Zone in and zone out!

Remember July’s newsletter on Which zone are you in? Really try to recognise if you are spending enough time relaxing in the Green Zone giving your body a chance to repair, revitalise and revamp, allowing you to cope with the time you have spent charging around in the Red Zone. If you don’t you will eventually burn out; your body will shut down forcing you to relax, which could come at the most inconvenient time. Prevention is so much better than cure.

Kath’s tips for a healthy New Year and a happy new you

  • Look after your digestive system. If you think it’s struggling book in to see me and I can identify exactly where it needs support. This is an area I specialise in and could help you to avoid bigger problems further down the line.
  • I am also holding a free talk on digestion in January. You’ll find full details in the box opposite so hurry to book your place.
  • Think positive! Try the Five Minute Gratitude Journal and take a more positive approach to life.
  • Take some time to relax in the Green Zone. Don’t forget Friday is Epsom bath night!