Try something new for this New Year.

The New Year is a great time for a new challenge.  But, we often make the mistake of setting too many goals that are hard to maintain.  It’s only February and we celebrate our good work by slipping back into those bad habits.  So, to keep the momentum going, my advice this year is to keep things simple.  It’s time to take a new approach.   

Time to reflect

Every year seems to whizz by even quicker than the last.  But, it’s important to take a little time for reflection, before jumping into the next one, feet first.  What were your successes and set backs of 2018?  How can you improve and build on these?

Our renovation project finally completes this month, and I’m looking forward to enjoying all the benefits of a fully functioning home.  Much of 2018 was spent in chaos!  As I integrate my new skills learnt on the immune system, detox system and chakras into the clinic, I will also be looking at the latest wellbeing trends for 2019.  I can’t wait to try out some detoxes in my new kitchen (watch this space, or follow me on Facebook for updates and videos).


Look at you as a whole

Firstly, I’d like you to imagine your health and wellbeing as a triangle.  Each side represents a different area:

  1. Structural – your muscles, bones and tendons etc.
  2. Biochemical – everything you eat, breathe or put on your skin
  3. Emotional – how you feel, from happiness and elation to worry and stress.

Each side of the triangle is linked and has an effect on another.  For example, if you are stressed (emotional), you may experience aches and pains (structural) and/or reactions to the food you eat (biochemical).  Be proactive, and look after each side of the triangle by eating mindfully, sleeping well and taking moderate exercise.  Simple, right?  It can be!

Eat mindfully

Your body will welcome some lighter food choices after the Christmas indulgence, so now is a great time to enjoy plenty of fresh produce.  It’s much easier to keep this up once you’re on a roll and feeling the benefits.  Just remember my 80/20 rule; eat well most of the time, and allow yourself a treat.

Try to limit your wheat intake.  Check the labels, and you’ll notice it’s everywhere.  As a society, we’re eating too much wheat, and this isn’t good for our health.  Try to limit dairy too, which isn’t hard, as there are so many delicious alternatives available.  Have some fun, and experiment with new products, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your taste adapts.

Start now by going gluten and dairy-free 80% of the time.  Make a note of your aches, pains and energy levels, and pop them away.  Revisit them at the end of the month, and see how you feel.  You’ll realise it’s achievable, beneficial and perhaps not-so-hard to keep up.  This will help balance your triangle, so you feel more energised and ready to tackle each day.  If there is no change, book in to see me, and we’ll do a desensitising session to establish the health issue.

Sleep well

Sleep is an important area to focus on.  Lack of sleep leads to bad food choices, lethargy and little energy to exercise.   Limit screen time before bed, and try reading or a little meditation.  If you’re a night owl, try breaking the habit, and bring your bedtime forward by an hour.  Your body will thank you for it!

Magnesium is great for sleep and can be taken in a number of ways.  Relax in an Epsom bath; the salts are high in magnesium, which is absorbed into your skin.  Magnesium can cause your bowels to loosen, so if this is an issue, try a spray.  A hops and valerian supplement also works for some people link here. Give it a go!

If sleep is a problem for you, book in for a massage or one of my new chakra balancing sessions; both do wonders.

Take moderate exercise

Moderate exercise is incredibly good for you, and it doesn’t have to be a chore.  Get out for a brisk walk, and take in the beautiful scenery around you.  It’s a great form of exercise, whilst helping to calm the mind and relieve stress.  Those niggling troubles filling your mind are likely to have eased by the end.

Find an exercise that suits your lifestyle.  Visit the app store on your smart phone, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Set a realistic target, and you’re more likely to keep it up.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and you’re always on the go, try taking Nutri-Calm. Book in to see me for an Access Bars session if you’re really struggling.

Clinic news

*New* Energy mismatch

Sometimes the body is unsure how to react to a certain substance, causing you problems.  I’ll be using this new technique to work with allergies, establish seemingly healthy foods that are causing you problems, or identify toxins that the body is holding on to, instead of excreting.

Chakra balancing

My new chakra balancing is proving a great success, and I’m thrilled with the effects some of you have experienced.  If you’re interested, it can be booked as a stand-alone session.

Price increase reminder

As a reminder, my prices have increased due to significant rent increases at the salon:

Massage £55

Massage bundle – 6 massages £295 (10% discount)

Kinesiology £70

Chakra balancing £65

All about me programme £60

Kick start programme (3 kinesiology sessions) £195