Help your Hayfever

Do you look forward to warm balmy days but dread the thought of a runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing? If you suffer from hayfever summer can be an uncomfortable time with irritating symptoms affecting your daily life. But did you know that boosting your immunity could help prevent such symptoms? Make a few […]

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Spring Back to Life!

The start to Spring has had a frustrating stutter this week! I don’t like the cold. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I like to have a very snug and warm therapy room. So I’m looking forward to some warmer weather – and I’m sure you are too! My health tip in this newsletter is […]

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Headache Relief Tip

The festive season is upon us and can be great fun with lots of parties, food and drinks. It’s also a time of frantic organising, rather stressful at times and you may need to relieve that tension headache. If it’s a headache from over-indulging, I recommend Milk Thistle which supports the liver. My technique for […]

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